Winning is always fun! My "Zapata Aspens" took a Merit Award at the PAINT COLORADO Show that opened in LaVeta on Saturday night.
Tim Deibler, noted Colorado painter, judged the show and was at the reception, which certainly added something special to the evening.
Tim is an astute critic and teacher, and was willing to talk about our pieces - if we wanted to hear. Having your work "criticized" may not sound like fun, but having a master/painter and judge tell you exactly why your painting worked, or not - SO worth it.
For me, this was the highlight, and most valuable part of the evening.
As an aside, we did not talk about this piece, but my other entry, "PileUp on LaVeta". Tim Deibler was also a Juror for the PAAC Show that opened at the Abend Gallery in Denver last weekend. He looked at over 300 paintings entered in that show, remembered mine, and could speak directly and knowledgeably about them. Thanks Tim.

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