Tuesday Morning in Santa Maria - WOW!

Congratulations to Peggy Morgan Stenmark for a stellar show that opened in Creede at the Repertory Theater last Monday.
Susan McCullough and I took in Peggy's show of lively and gem like watercolors, and enjoyed the beautiful evening in Creede. Peggy's show will continue thru Sept. 11th, and very worth going to Creede for.
As usual, Sue and I were about the last to leave the party (happily, filling up with red dots) and from there headed to Santa Maria where Sue's family has a small fishing place on the lake.
A big moon shown on my bed all night; beautiful but not restful, so we were out before dawn to catch one amazing view after another. It is so hard to settle on something to paint when there is SO much good stuff. Whine, Whine. . .
We have a new mantra tho': What is it about?

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North Star Pottery said...

I really like this one Coni! It's all about that bit of light on the cliff face. I am constantly amazed at what a beautiful part of the country you live and how blessed you are to be able to trek around like you do. I'm very jealous.