The Quick Draw at the Cheyenne Depot

Now it's trial-by-fire as artists,
at least those with guts, gather for a final hurrah on Saturday morning. The Quick Draw is a timed event where artists paint the view, a model or a still life in 90 minutes.
Nervous energy in the air is palpable but once the whistle blows at 8:30am everyone gets into a pretty good groove and finds that they are signing off, usually with a couple minutes to spare. We get about 15 minutes to frame wet paintings on-the-spot and run them over to the Plains Hotel for a viewing and auction.
At the top Rebecca Barrett, of the Link Gallery poses the model. Below that Lori Putman paints a long view up the street at the Capitol building. Fortunately, my view was over her head for a closer look at the same subject.
2009 was the 2nd year for this event in Cheyenne and the Quick Draw and Auction really showed great growth in the amount of support, number of bidders, buyers and sold paintings. Finishing in good form is always my goal - selling is gravy, so I was very pleased when my piece sold, and for much more than my set price.

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