A Merry Meeting - in Taos

Wednesday Sue and I drove to Taos to deliver miniature paintings to Wilder Nightingale Gallery for the Hearts & Stars Show in Taos. This is my third year supporting this event and it is always a pleasure, not to mention a great party for a good cause.
As it happened, we met Patrice Walker of Santa Fe, also dropping off work and Kemper Coley, so we all went out to paint together. Taos still boasted a little snow (just enough) at the Morada church where it was quiet and beautiful with Taos Mt. behind it. It felt like I was shaking cobwebs out of my head, not having painted out since October. What a great afternoon to paint but even better with friends.
That's "plein air"- being there.
The end result is almost superfluous.
See more of this afternoon of painting on Sue McCullough's blog- just click here on her name. She also has some good photos of the Hearts & Stars Party in Taos.

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