Happy Painting New Year

The New Year brought plenty of cold temps to my part of Colorado. It has been a time to regroup, set goals, get the kids back to school, and get over a cold.
I don't know which is worse being sick or having cabin fever. It was 12 degrees in Alamosa Friday morning and everything was wrapped in a blanket of fog making the trees white with frost. The need to get OUT won over need to stay home - cold or no cold. Sue McCullough and I were determined to find something to paint and tho' it was snowing on the road out of the valley, we pressed on and were rewarded with sunshine as we drove up LaVeta Pass. We turned the Cruiser off on Old LaVeta Pass road and it wasn't long before were into deep snow.
At the top of the old pass we found the little village of Up Top bravely holding its own against time. Up Top Chapel sits snug against the forest and we positioned ourselves across the road in front of a building that captured the morning sun and what warmth that could be had. We were met with passing cross-country skiers, craftsmen at work on old buildings and some friendly dogs - probably owned by the one or two actual residents.
This little trip did not aid my physical recovery - Saturday I was in bed, but a day spent out in the beautiful winter landscape was a priceless mental tonic; SO worth it and the whole world looks better to me knowing a painting is in the can.
Happy New Year!


Autumn Leaves said...

What a beautiful winter scene!! What a neat choice of colors and such a dark and deep mystery to the woods behind the house! I love this one!

Anonymous said...

Good frosty look on this one. I had to skip the Art Walk as I had a bad stomach virus. :( Missing my painting buddies. Get well & stay well for 2010. Me too.....
Carol Watson

Patrick said...

This one is very good...the trees are exploding with paint and color... the warm undertones in the snow are effective.

It was a gorgeous day today, hope you were outside. After our opening service in the new building (it was packed, we already need a larger space), I took the kids for a walk out in the desert shrubs, and Cana found old perfume and other bottles from yesteryear. Our families in the midwest say it's bitterly cold there, -13 last night, heavy snow and ice, gray skies, damp air. Our valley feels pretty nice compared with that!

Sheri Gundry said...

What fabulous photos Coni! Happy New Year by the way! Hope you get better and get rest! I have not yet been out painting yet this winter because it has been so bitterly cold here in Ontario...with wind chills we have been around -15 to -25...still waiting for some sunny, slightly warmer winter days. I am being a wimp I know...talk to you soon!
Sheri Gundry

Rick Frisbie said...

You are one crazy painter. Get better.

Judith Greenwood said...

What an adventure...you and Sue up on old La Veta Pass in a bunch of snow and cold.... The painting is FAB--the reds make it sing in contrast with icy cold sharpness and that dark woods behind is the perfect foil!!!