Rio Grande Land Trust Paint Out

Saturday at the beautiful Gilmore Ranch, was -- well, beautiful and WINDY - so windy it was frightening. But, we painted out anyway.
Sue McCullough and I went out to the ranch about 7:30 in an effort to beat the wind, Ha! Hanging on for dear life, we painted as fast as we could and after wards, we were lured by coffee and muffins to the barn, where we added our dirt covered paintings to the art show hung in support of the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust. You might not think anyone would come out on such a rough day but, certainly the right people came because 3 major pieces of art sold.
At the top is Jim Gilmore, award winning Colorado wildlife Sculptor and our host for the day. Those are my paintings on the left, and below Sue is waiting to be interviewed by Rio de la Vista about her participation in the event and thoughts on Plein Air Painting. That interview should show up on UTUBE sometime soon.
There will be a second Plein Air Paint Out on June 12 at the Soward's Ranch in Mineral county, from 8am to 2pm. Come out to see this beautiful property and we will be there along with other artists -
taking what ever the day throws our way.
Plein air - not for the timid!

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