Class Notes: Painting at the Marsh

Tuesday evening our painting class met at the marsh for some plein air work as the sun set. At first rain threatened and it was really windy - one reason why the evening class usually doesn't go out until September - but after a bit the wind died down to a mosquito foiling breeze and the evening was perfect. We have painted from this location, just north of Alamosa, many times and it always yields good stuff. The wetland is home to water birds of all kinds, the sunsets are always fabulous, and after the sun has set, Mt. Blanca lights up with alpen glow.
Photos cannot do justice to such a location at the absolute best time of the day. Who would not want to be us on such a beautiful evening out?

My piece is a 6"x 8", at the bottom.


Patrick Myers said...

I sure would...have had to work every Tuesday evening. Hope to join you again soon! - Patrick

Coni said...

Hope to see you some time this summer. The evenings are the best. - C