Class Notes: Painters Just Want to Get OUT

Tuesday evening the class painted on the edge of town; lots of great views but late afternoon showers were still blowing over and we painted in a light but persistent rain.
More annoying than difficult, it does beg the question - WHY?
Everyone says they want to paint plein air and most of my class painters are very hardy but these are times that separate those that do and those that simply want to - it is an observation and a question of motivation.
I have found that most painters that pursue plein air work have one major thing in common: they love to be OUTSIDE.
We could discuss the importance of direct observation, the benefits of being on site and the finer points of technique in the landscape -
all of it good - but when temps are below freezing, wind threatens to blow you over or, as in this case, the drip, drip, drip soaks you through (my under painting literally slide off the panel) - something must make it more attractive than sitting in a dry studio.
It can't be bragging rights (how cold was it?)
especially when there is no painting to show for it - ouch.

We were rewarded with 2 rainbows and a wonderful sunset, this might be part of it. My studio does not have this kind of view.


eldon warren said...

Come on now, you're making me feel guilty. I did a little better this last winter tho. I actually had to put on some boots a couple of times.
Wes Hyde made me do it. :)

Susan said...

Just looked through your blog and website and I love your work!

DJ said...

Beautiful work.
This post is inspirational...I'll be back.