Coni's Wyoming Work

These are the best of my work from the week.
At right, early morning in the Snowy Mountains as the mist rolled over them and the morning sun highlights a distant ridge; below I saw clouds flying up over the ridge as I stood by Brooklyn Lake in the late afternoon.

A view out on the prairie where windmills create wind power and below it, Cottonwoods on the Hereford Ranch.


Kathy Hodge said...

I love the way the shape of the windmills play off against the fence posts. Who says windmills aren't beautiful?

Judith Greenwood said...

a stunning group of paintings from the week. The big windmills are definitely a subject worth painting. But I'm specially taken with the two paintings of evergreens, the way they really show off the wide skies of Wyoming!

Coni said...

I loved those windmills - wished I could have done some close up work of them. - C

Color Cat Studios said...

I love your paintings! The colors are awesome and fresh. Keep it up.