There's no place like Home, there's no place . . . .

Wrong mantra, right shoes.
Last week was the week from, well, you know....
This whole broken foot thing has kept me from painting, but I went from cranky to despairing when the cumulative effect of dragging that boot/cast around finally took the toll on my back and I went to bed with muscle spasms for the better part of 5 days. Recovery was not supposed to look like this.
I am not inclined to want to blog about that kind of stuff but even if I had wanted to, my back kept me from sitting at the computer,
or anywhere else.
Thanks to so many of you who wrote notes of encouragement
about the foot.
Yesterday, the Dr. removed the Boot. I walked out of her office on air - or, it only felt that way after unloading about 5lbs of footwear.
Today, I wore 2 shoes and painted in my studio for the first time in 2 months. The whole world looks better.


AngelCatPainter said...

Isn't it amazing how everything looks better when you're wearing red shoes? So glad to hear you are back on both feet, so to speak.

Merry Christmas, Happy Painting,

Coni said...

Ah RED; it's the new Black. -C