California Holiday

I spent my Christmas holidays family in the wonderful small beach town of Carpinteria, California. To paint on the beach was my Christmas present to myself and between time with family and friends I actually did it several times. This was the place where my professional painting life really got started with collectors and gallery representation, but I haven't painted in California since 2002. The challenge at Christmas was to simply enjoy the time - with no expectations.
- Harder than it sounds.......These 4 lower paintings I did almost 10 years ago; all Carpinteria landmarks. They sold very well to tourists, in print and card form. All the pieces in this post are 8"x 10".


Anonymous said...

that was fun to see on this snowy day! makes me miss the beach, looks a lot like laguna, where my grandson lives. i look forward to the coming thursday and seeing you in class. houseguests are all gone! -regis

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the new paintings. I think it looka like the Coni work I know. Love the colors too. Happy New Year!!
Carol Watson

eldon said...

Wow! Quite a change to the painting process. I like em both. Was it warm out there?

Judith Greenwood said...

I want to go walk across the street from those palm trees and just look at them and feel all that soft salty air.... They are all fun, old ones and new ones. What a lovely winter treat! -Judith

Coni said...

The ocean was definitely a winter treat for me; and yes, it was warm - at least for this Colorado girl.
Pure pleasure. - C