JAPAN - There IS something we can do.

I am a member of Artistes de Studio, an online gathering for artists doing Studio work. Jennifer Evenhus, creator of Artistes de Studio recently sent out this call- to give us a small way to help the people of Japan.
Greetings Artistes de Studio,
The Daily PaintWorks website has offered The Help Japan Painting Challenge.
The premise is simple: create a painting, post it for auction.
When it sells, donate the full amount of the sale (minus the shipping/tax) to an agency that is helping the people of Japan.
There is a list on that site. To learn more click here: Help Japan Painting Challenge
See other's paintings and click on any to see more information.
Be sure to read carefully how it works........... it's up to the artist to donate the proceeds.
Over 5,000.00 has already been donated via sales!
So pour your heart out . . . help Japan.
Thank You! Jennifer Evenhus, Artistes de Studio creator
Can YOU help?
Click here to get all the info: Help Japan Painting Challenge, donate a piece, or buy a piece. There are some real gems and the prices are right.
At the top is my donated painting "The Plug", and you can see it on the Challenge site.
Thanks so much - Coni