ARTwalk Saturday

ARTwalk Saturday in Alamosa dawned sunny and NO WIND, a mercy for sure.
Sue McCullough and I were out on the street early painting in downtown Alamosa where I found a sunny spot with a view down the alley behind the Brewery. That is my piece at the top of this post. Click on Sue's name to see her painting of the Courthouse. Credit to all the folks who were on the street early and came by to say "Hi'.
We finished up around 11, took in some lunch at the pub and headed out to visit other artists stationed in studios and stores. David Montgomery's studio is right downtown so we visited him first, then spent some time yakking it up with Dave Roepke who had work in Edward Jones Investments. Last year Dave's work was featured as the promotion art for all the ARTwalk advertising.
Musicians Allison Kitchen and Don Richmond livened up things in the Brew Pub and I finished up the day with friends, artist Regis Scott and photographer Brian Perkins.


Coni said...
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Coni said...

Hey Dave M, is that a palm tree above your head? I like it. - C