The High Road '11

Saturday we went south out of Taos along the high road. It was an all-church day and we started at Ojo Sarco with beautiful views of the snow capped mountains. We found spots to paint that looked down on the church from across the road but this horse, though behind a flimsy fence was not too happy with our presence. He would run up and down the field occasionally leaning over to whinny at us. At one point the horse actually got his 2 front legs over the pipe gate almost knocking it over. I found it very hard to concentrate on my painting and Sue finally gave that horse a very stern warning. He listened and stopped bothering us. He went over to bother Peg.
Anxious to finish up before he escaped, we headed to Penasco to the Sugar Nymphs Cafe for some caffeinated inspiration, and a bathroom. It was good on both counts and we followed the road to LLano San Juan.
Sue and I have traveled these roads before but having Peg as navigator and 'cruise director' made all the difference.
In the afternoon we painted the church at Llano San Juan; very picturesque and with safe places to park and stand with easels.
After finishing there we turned north toward Taos and drove by the Placitas church but could not stop to do more than take photos.
Next time. . . . . .

It was a great day and in the evening we joined the PAAC group at the San Geronimo for food and painting stories.
Saturday night we drove back up to Colorado.
I am still sifting through my work, but paintings aside, I think this was our best Taos paint out yet.

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic trip. I agree it sounds like you all were so very productive with your painting. I loved seeing photos of the spots you found as inspiration too.
See you soon.
Carol Watson