Rock Creek Revisited

Last week Sue and I went back up to Rock Creek for a morning of painting. I have been looking at streams and little waterfall configurations lately; to practice something I haven't done a lot of.
My first interpretation of this view is a few posts back, but I like this one much better and also like the 1 x 2 format better as well.
This piece is 6"x 12".
You can see my set-up and sketch in the photo at the bottom. About the time I got really into painting a herd of cows came up the road at my back. In an effort to avoid me and still cross the stream, there was a lot of mooing and thrashing around.


Anonymous said...

The cows are something we do not think about meeting up with when painting but it makes sense. We ARE outdoors after all. Nice photos & painting. See you soon.
Carol Watson

Judith Greenwood said...

The first waterfall painting does have a certain strength and movement that is quite energizing.

This one is more for contemplation maybe. I like very much the way the little rapids are shown and way light moves across canvas!! Format is excellent, too.


Coni said...

Thanks Judith.
These little dudes are very challenging.
For me, 'water features' are about shape and directionality'.