Summer Plein Air

The PAAC Show was a happy success for me with 2 of my 3 paintings sold- YAY!- and all the craziness of May and June has passed. July is a bit of quite in the middle of the summer; instead of framing, packing, shipping - there is a little more time for actual painting.
These pieces were all done
here around Alamosa:
a water fall at Rock Creek- 9x12,
beaver ponds above Rock Creek- 16x12,
Cows- 9x12,- what can I say about that? -they were there,
and at the bottom the afternoon sun on Mt.Blanca- 6x8, painted last night with my class.
So now I have to go to the studio and really get to it; I have a commission waiting with a serious deadline- but more about that later.

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