From Estes to Salida

The Estes Park Paint Out seems - ah - like moments ago. I think the leaves were still green, but things change quickly around here.
These 3 pieces were done in Rocky Mountain National Park during that paint out, and I won the People's Choice Award at the opening of the Western Light Show on August 26th. Well, THANKS people.
The very next weekend I was in Boulder for the Women of the West Show opening that highlighted the work of 6 women painters. See the post below.
And that painting on the promo card, was one of the first to sell.

But that was then. . . . .
Next week Sue and I will be painting in and around the Arkansas River Valley at the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Fest; and staying all week in that great Colorado art town of Salida.
Catch the opening reception at the Salida SteamPlant Event Center on Saturday night the 24th at 5 pm where some of the best Western plein air painters will gather to show their work from the week of painting.

This photo is pretty bad; falls into the 'documentation' category. I forgot to take a photo before leaving it at the gallery so had to shoot it on the fly right before the show.
Sometimes, at a event and show like this, there is just too much to do.


Patrick Myers said...

The one of the pink mountain is stunning...the photo of it is blurry, but the painting is clearly great!
- Patrick

Coni said...

Thanks Pat.
That is Hallett Peak in RMNP, as seen from Sprague Lake, before dawn.

Ermalie said...

The Hallett Peak painting is really beautiful. It is a little different from your usual paintings of trees although they are beautiful too. I like scenes with the moon in them.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings with us.