Merry Merry

It's Christmas Eve; we have a holiday puzzle half finished on the kitchen table, it is 5 below but we are hoping temps will rise a bit with the sunshine. Most of Colorado will see a white Christmas.
In the season of Advent with all the holiday craziness, I am always looking for hidden moments to reflect:
on the mystery of Christ's Nativity, on the World and my place in it, and My world and my place in it.
My hope at this season is that you will find yourself, in the quiet moments, surrounded by peace and filled with contentment and hope.
Merry, Merry Christmas.


Judith Greenwood said...

Adorable holiday glitz---they shine and dazzle perfectly!!!

Just like the 3 Friends at Salida :-) hope ya'll have a great show.

Sharon Lessig said...

We love our Christmas ball! Thanks so much. We always tresure your artwork!

Coni said...

Thanks All! For me it was HAPPY mark making. I wish it was all so fun.