SLV Painters present the SMall Works Show

The San Luis Valley Painters is a group loosely associated with my Painting Classes. We try to hold a show locally every Spring and today we hung our SMall Works show in the Milagros Coffee House Gallery in downtown Alamosa.
Milagros is a place in the San Luis Valley, where roads, friends, art & book lovers, free thinkers, musicians and writers, all seem to meet. It is a stop for tourists, a setting for conversation and coffee drinkers, and for years the site of the only espresso maker in town.
A gathering spot, very much at the heart of Alamosa,
that supports causes that our little community hold dear.
It is a natural place to show and celebrate art in Alamosa.
18 Painters are represented with 107 pieces,
all in sizes less than 80 square inches and all very affordable.

It felt a bit like mayhem as work went up but response from the morning coffee crowd was very positive; 3 pieces sold before the work was all up.
BRAVO! to all the painters who participated - and Thank You!

Join us to celebrate with a reception on Sunday, March 11 from 2 - 4pm.


Judith Greenwood said...

Nice Work, Coni and Everyone!!! The art is great and the hanging was fun. See you all on Sunday March 11, 2-4... ^.^ Judith

Anonymous said...

Hated to miss the show. Loved all the photos. Thanks for posting them
Carol Watson