Susan McCullough, Guest Artist DEMO

I sat down to write this post yesterday afternoon, moments before my kids blew in from school and I got swept up in the drama of a track fund raiser: buying dinner supplies, a home made dessert for the auction, did we buy tickets? - it's tonight?  do you have homework?,
etc, etc.
So, I am sorry if you logged on and only got the title. I will try again.
Susan McCullough, good friend and painting buddy, 
was our guest in class for a painting DEMO. Above are 
two paintings; the bottom piece done just a couple of weeks back, 
up on Pinus Creek and the top piece, Sue's demo where she took 
the plein air painting and turned it from a winter to a spring piece. Nice Job! Sue is a long time professional painter and her FARMHOUSE Studio is here in the San Luis Valley, outside of Monte Vista. To get more info on Sue and see more of her work go to: Susan McCullough.com

ps. I could kick myself for not getting back to this post at 12:30 last night. 
Somewhere out in the ethernet, between the time when I fell into bed and when and got up this morning, a whole new BLOGSPOT game plan took over my blog  and until I can relearn how to post and edit here - I am in a spot of a bother. Thanks for your patience. I will certainly need some myself.


William R. Moore said...

See the following but no demo:

Susan McCullough, Guest Artist DEMO
Posted by Coni at 4/19/2012

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Coni said...

Sorry about that. Sometimes everyday life sweeps you right out of the driver's seat. - C

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the changes in the art painting demo. I always learn something from your posts. Thanks.
Carol Watson

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the painting demo shots. Thanks for sharing. I always learn something from your posts.
See you soon.
Carol Watson