I Am Thankful For. . . .

Our town - Alamosa.
I sketched this "impression" quickly out of my head, from only a glimpse, seen out of the corner of my eye, in the evening as I drove to class and looked back toward town and the mountains -  it seemed printed on my brain.
Mt Blanca at twilight, dwarfs the downtown intersection where the railroad meets the highway.  "Out on the Edge of Everything"- to quote singer, songwriter and friend, Alison Kitchen.
Sometimes it feels that way.
Yesterday, we joined friends, some we knew and some we didn't for Thanksgiving dinner at our community Shelter. It is our family tradition and one of the best parts of our holiday, not because we are so generous or helpful, but because we live in a community committed to caring for its own as well as the transient, lost, down hearted and hopeless. I moved here from a large city with cynical attitudes about things like homeless people and the agencies who "served" them.  After 10 years living in Alamosa,  I am continually impressed by what it has to offer - not its agencies but the people who are its heart.  It is a heart that strengthens and encourages the entire community. We are a congregation of hope.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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