New Class Session Starts November 6th and 8th

The last Class Session of 2018 soon:
Tuesday Evening November 6th, 6:30 to 9:30pm and
Thursday Morning November 8th,  9am to noon.

As the days shorten and the cold weather sets in we get a bit of energy from the anticipation of the "holidays" and Advent seasons still ahead. I want to channel that energy  and stir it up even as the year winds down.
Tuesday Evening Class will continue with the focus of WILDLIFE study.
Thursday Morning Class will emphasize the idea of "Gift Giving" - in ART.
There is always something to be learned and something to share.

If you are not in our area-
and feel your creative energy draining away with the fall light - look for a class or a group that meets to paint, craft, draw or even a book club or Bible study, that meets weekly.  Don't let winter drive you to the TV for consolation.
For many artists, a good plein air season creates new ideas and sows seeds of inspiration that can fill the studio over winter.  And for many of us - doing it with others is really important; not just the work, but the connection.

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