Capture that Last Moment

"Alamosa River Canyon", 12"x16".
Late in the season, myself and Sue McCullough (another Valley painter) took a spur-of-the-moment drive up to Alamosa River Canyon and painted along a stretch of dirt road that ran along the river. That road sure gets a lot of traffic- but we painted for about 2 hours as the sun dropped below the canyon wall to the west. I didn't have any thoughts about the piece at the time but later it would go over to the SLV Brewery Show to replace a piece that sold.
The following week Sue would head up to Denver to paint in the "Golden Triangle" and show at the High Plein Air Art Exhibit- and as much as I wanted to, I could not make that trip. Fall is the best time to paint but there is never enough time to go everywhere and paint all the beautiful color; 2 hours painting could be spent shooting hundreds of photos for reference. Such is the plein air dilemma.
'Alamosa River Canyon', 12"x16" oil on board $410.

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