Nomadas del Arte, paint out on Sunday

It was a dark and stormy night- no, wait; wrong opener.
It was one freezing day in Hyde Park.
A suprising amount of snow greeted us about 20 minutes out of Santa Fe, where plein air painters who had gathered to be part of the Nomadas del Arte show were planning to paint on Sunday morning. Well, Sue and I arrived at the appointed time, 9am, looked around a bit and began to paint. A lone coyote crossed our path but was the only company for a couple of hours. By noon a few hardy souls joined us: Patrice Walker from PAPNM, and Cindy Carrillo with PAAC, but it was VERY cold with a brisk wind picking up, so we packed it in and headed off to find a really big, really hot espresso.
In the comfort of the gallery, we all tell stories about painting in extreme conditions . . . how cold was it really?
- but this day belonged to the plein air warrior women.

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