Nomadas del Arte

This Daily Painter took a field trip on March 8th to see the Nomadas del Arte show at the Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe; one of the biggest gathering of plein air painters - ever!
I can't say that is exactly good- but it was big. Sue Mc and I headed south Saturday to be at the gallery when the doors opened. We could not attend the Friday night opening but every one said it was packed. When you think about it tho', if only 100 of the 200 artists included, showed up, that would make for a packed show. The Sage Creek Gallery is prestigious and beautiful but I found it mind numbing, the way 400 paintings were crowded into 3 small rooms, where viewers moved gingerly between sculptures to keep from upsetting anything and still see the work. The paintings were, however, beautifully shown on the website - check it out at www.nomadasdelarte.com and pick your favorite for "Best in Show". Judges aside, my favorite was 'Amusement Park', a 12"x16" by Robert MacPherson. It was the most gutsy painting in the show. I also loved Michael McClure's 'Brushcreek' a 9"x12" in oil and 'High Country Clouds', a 9"x12" by Anita Mosher.
If you wonder what my criteria is - I am not necessarily choosing the paintings I would buy - but the ones I wish I had painted.
. . .and well, I'd buy them if I could.

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