It was a great Spring day but the painting didn't measure up

So here it is Patrick.
Ordinarily, I would never put a painting up against the documenting photography but it does help me see so much that I did not perceive when standing right there. Fortunately, the pull of the train yard is very strong and many failed paintings later, I still go back there.
Friday, Sue Mc and I painted in front of the Alamosa train station and as near to tracks as we dared. I would have been excited to paint the side of a barn - it was such a perfect day; sunshine, no wind and I painted without gloves. It was only 18 degrees this morning and tho' there was a wee bit of snow from last night, the day was beautiful.
We both took on the little locomotive parked south of the station, just west of State. It was a great subject but there are times when you jump in knowing full well, this painting will kick your butt. Yup!

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Patrick said...


I see what you mean about observation, (and not sure about this particular combination of orange ground and yellow green sky)....but it's a dynamic composition, the different colored objects in back work well as a rhythmic opposing pattern to the locomotive, and I love the violet blue steely shadows and the pinkish nose of the engine that culminates the compostion.