Goodbye to the High Desert Painters

A storm is moving in and it is time to say "Goodbye" to Ghost Ranch for another year. The High Desert Painters are headed to Taos to have dinner with Walt Gonske and paint for a few days. From left to right are: Judy Howells and Nita Harper, both from California, myself, - and sitting down is Ann Templeton, who is now living in Texas, Janis Loverin from Ruidoso, New Mexico and Jana Van Wyk from North Carolina. We are missing Nelson Hubley who lives in Nova Scotia and could not be with us; actually he was in Paris. Imagine - passing on Ghost Ranch to go to Paris. Gee!
My Ghia is packed up and before the day is out will have navigated some serious 4 wheeling roads in a small caravan of cars through the Taos Gorge; scenic, scary but the Ghia is very sure footed. No worries. It was fun to spend time with Walt, who is so gracious and happy to show us his newest work; always amazing, always wonderful, always inspiring.
It is "goodbyes" all around, for me, as a torrential rain comes on. We will be seeing an early snow north in Colorado and I am anxious to get home before dark.
In a lot of ways this trip with the High Desert Painters marks the end of my official painting out season. Fall is fading along with warm weather and although I will continue to paint in the landscape all winter, the Plein Air Paint Outs are over. I am looking forward to starting some big studio work
- maybe tomorrow.

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