Happy Thanksgiving

Tag Again- Your IT
Now for some more tagging: Chuck Sale, his wife Teri and I used to paint together in California; both are amazing artists, now working in photography and design. The blog is beautiful, educational and always a good read. Thanks Chuck.
Urban Sketchers is another blog I go back to again and again - for the pictures. Can't get enough of it.
Finally, the Gaffney Journal, random thoughts on art, faith, movies- always smart and thought provoking.
That's about it for now. Surfing the blog world always makes me wish I was a better writer. Alas, only ever having been an artist I must persevere at what I do the best. According to the Tag Game rules I am now supposed to put up 7 interesting things about myself. Instead, I will post my latest offering: a 7"x 5" oil done today on clay board. I ordered some clay board mini panels because everyone raves about how wonderful it is - and I am definitely a panel girl. Normally, I paint on panels gessoed with a foam brush - flat with almost no texture.
My first impression of the clayboard is good but it is hard to tell on such a small sample. One thing is for sure, clayboard is very absorbent; almost sucks the glow right out of the oils. Almost immediately I could see low spots appear.
I will keep you posted.
Look for Week 5 in Abstract Land, coming up. No class this week because of the holiday.
Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting art. Blessings this Thanksgiving.

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eldon warren said...

Happy thanksgiving yerself!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I always look forward to seeing your blog and what you've been doing.
Honest!! :)