Hearts & Stars Show in Taos

Last night at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos Sue McCullough and I attended the Hearts & Stars Miniature Show and Fund raiser for the Coalition to End Homelessness. We had paintings in the show and Sue sold one at the party -Bravo! The Wilder Nightingale Galley is always a welcoming place and one of my favorite Taos galleries; add amazing food, art, company, with the same good cause in mind and it's a good party. Some of the other artists involved were Michelle Chrisman, the primary organizer, Kemper Coley, Alan Heuer, and Elizabeth Jose, who closed the evening with some jazz vocals. Wow an artist who sings. Why am I surprised? I also found out that Alan Heuer is a classically trained clarinetist.
The show will hang until November 26th at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos. The miniature shown here did not go to Taos but I hate to post with out a visual aid.

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Mark Bridges said...

Hi Coni, like you visual aid for the day. I went to the Wilder nightingale gallery web site and they didn't have a gallery of the minatures, or I just couldn't find it. I know you don't have any control there. But I do have a budget, but I'm not getting in the car and driving from Dallas to see if there is something I can't live with out. Just as a note, I had to email a gallery in England to ask a price for a piece, a few days later I got a reply of "The piece in question has sold" Well I'm not going to email a shopping list. I think that artists like yourself, could, in your blog, market your works. Put in links,if you mentioned a upcoming show two weeks ago, by now I need a reminder of which piece and how much. I enjoy viewing, but if I could be a customer, make it easy for me too.