Lost in Abstract Mania - Week 4 Class Paintings

Part of this "abstract" discussion has led us to thinking about how we function creatively. Art tends to be non-verbal, perceptual, spacial, intuitive and often paradoxical - characteristics embraced by the right side of the brain. Though we don't all process information that way,
with practice, we can help our brains get better at it. Isn't that good to know?
One of the best books on this subject, and creativity in general, is "Drawing on the Artist Within" by Betty Edwards, who also wrote, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".
The paintings to the right belong to the artists in this order:
1. Karen Hartney
2. Gina Quintana
3. Dee Bartee
4. Jerri Everett
5. Jerri Everett

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Anonymous said...

I really like the colors. Great to
watch what is going on there. A
big Thank You for the postings.
Carol W.