Tagging in the Painting Playground

I have been tagged- that's a good thing, I think. Eldon Warren is always running ahead of the pack, encouraging (me at least) to expand my blogging horizons- and it's working.
I am supposed to Link to the person who tagged me, then tag seven bloggers (that I follow), comment on their blog and add a link to their blog; then see if I can get them to pick up the baton. Do I even know 7 people to tag? We'll see. Participation is voluntary so here goes. One more thing: List 7 unusual things about myself. Hmmmm.
First there is Eldon Warren, who I have to point back to as one of my favorite artist-bloggers. There is so much to be learned by just looking at his work, it is practically required reading for my student painters.
Sue McCullough, my good friend and an award winning plein air painter. I am so lucky to have her as a painting buddy. Sue has gotten me to paint out in 10 degree weather; what an inspiration. Right now she is blogging about a studio in process- check it out.
I also follow the work of fellow High Desert Painter from North Carolina Jana VanWyk. I have Jana to thank for getting me blogging.
Judith Greenwood is a beginning blogger but no babe in the art woods. Long time designer and professional artist, I want to encourage her blog in every way.
Well, that's a start. NOW get thee to the studio.

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