Final Stop on the Abstract Tour- Class Work

My hope, is not to leave this journey in the past or create an "I was there" scrapbook of paintings (this was my WACKY period), but to let the work of probing the more intuitive side of our brain and using the strict compositional themes, to inform every new piece we create.
We (everyone in class) have all enjoyed that sense of pure creative activity, characterized by free flowing process; we also got in touch with the real discipline it takes to tame it.
For this class session we stuck to a very tight set of colors and rules and found that sometimes a short leash is good. This flies in the face of the non- artist's idea - that great non-representational work comes from some out-of-mind experience; in fact it is the work of staying out of just part of your mind at the right times.
I recognize that this may not be commercial work - and to quote a friend and fellow "plein air" painter "people like work they can understand"
- still, as explained in the post above, there is method to the madness.
Having said that, can it really be characterized as madness?
These pieces were done by
1. Karen Hartney,
2. Josie Perea
3. Judith Greenwood
4. Judith Greenwood
5. Gina Quintana
6. Gina Quintana

You are now free to choose your medium and move about the painting universe.

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AngelCatPainter said...

It has been a great joy to participate in these classes devoted to the exploration of abstract painting and various ideas of composition. I have learned a lot and watched as other painters also benefited from these challenging class projects.

Thanks Coni, for taking this journey right alongside us.
It was great fun!