Class Notes - Week Six, If It Was Good Once . . . .

New Painting/ Old photo.
This will be my last comment on 'Painting From Photos'- at least for awhile.
The winter scene above, is the second painting to come from the photo at the right, from which I developed the black and white layout below it, and the first painting - at the bottom - that I posted in Week Four of 'Painting From Photos'.
The Autumn scene is a direct reference to the photo, but the layout was simple, and had such strong 'bones' that I felt it would also work as a winter scene.
I really think this is key to using photo reference material well:
don't copy your photos - use them to create strong, well designed layouts that can be used again and again, to make more paintings and allow you to take more risks with the subject matter.

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Susan McCullough said...

Hey, I like how you changed the color on this painting- a nice winter scene that doesn't look too cold. Speaking of cold- I'm ready for spring- how about you?- but without the wind of course. Sue