Up to Our Wheelwells

High hopes and good intentions led Sue McCullough and I up into the mountains Friday. The Alamosa River Canyon road was almost a tunnel of snow and we had a few dicey moments in a snow bank as we pulled aside to let an oncoming car pass - Whoa! - the Cruiser didn't fail us tho' and we got back on the road and continued up to Jasper, a little gathering of cabins; charming and on this day absolutely silent under their snow blanket. We needed our snow shoes to get into the landscape but even if we'd had them, there was no place to safely park the car.
So frustrating! It is a beautiful day, pretty calm and a steady 25 degrees; the views are there, we just could not get to them.
So, no painting to show for the day ; very discouraging.
Tho' not a new piece - this is one I painted last year, just about this time of year in Alamosa River Canyon - except I think it was lots colder.

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