From East To West

Last week we stood on the side of Mt. Blanca, in the Sangre range, that borders the San Luis Valley on the east and looked out toward the San Juans to the west. Friday we headed up to the San Juans; it was so clear we could look across and almost pinpoint where we had painted last week. Rock Creek, east of Alamosa, is one of my favorite places to paint, shoot photos or cross country ski. Sue and I have wanted to get up there for weeks but at times the snow is just too deep. Friday was perfect: snow - but not impassable; as long as we stayed where the road was plowed. Snow on the road in front of Sue is untouched, and as we found out - the hard way - very deep.
Temps were probably not above freezing but the air was absolutely still and it felt like Spring.
You really missed it Dave!
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Dave M. said...

regret is an acidic sentiment- eating away at the very core of existence- thanks for that!
Hah-hah- I am glad you 2 had a good adventure. I choose jealously instead of regret! Let me know when you are going again- Thurs Fri are good for me.