Class Notes - In the Aspen Forest

My painting class took a day out on Thursday and painted in the the Conejos at Bear Creek which is about an hour south of Alamosa. The aspen forests there are so deep and the greens on the new leaves so rich, it is almost a sensory over load.
And we painted in shirt sleeves - not to be taken for granted; summer has been very slow in coming to our part of Colorado and the warm day was just too wonderful. I was even willing to share it with the bugs.
Josie Perea is lucky enough to live in these magical woods and hosted our group: Kayleith Pellandini, Carol Watson, Heidi Algrim, Dee Bartee and myself.
Click on the photos to view them larger.

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Susan McCullough said...

Hey, Love your work and it looks like everyone did a good job - sorry I missed it. Sue