You Just Have to Like GREEN

This was my take on our day in the woods. I admit I can't stay out of the trees. If there are aspens, I have to paint them. For that very reason, the Conejos is a favorite place to paint but at this time of year, when confronted with so much screaming green,
I have a compulsive desire to dodge the bullet and use another color. This time I worked with the green, more than usual - and I am pretty happy with it.
The attraction of this view tho', was that triangular yellow wedge that leads the eye right up to the trees and the band of light that strings along behind the aspens.
In this case it wasn't the subject itself that drew me, but what was around it.


North Star Pottery said...

Love it! Nice detail on the apsen bark.

Patrick Myers said...

One of your best ones. Green is my favorite color, don't avoid it! The human eye can distinguish more varieties of green than any other color. These greens combined with your luminous turquoises and purples makes for a rich painting.

Lynn(e) said...

i love green!!!!!!!!!!!