Class Notes: Squares and More Squares

Everyone in class is having fun with the square format.
With out having to cover a lot of canvas we can concentrate on positive/negative shape relationships and specific kinds of brushwork.
I have been working on my wet-on-wet under painting
skills, changing colors to
give each piece a
different character.
Because the squares are only
6"x 6", it is easy to slather on
a rich, and not too thin under
painting in color then
sketch on top of it.
Usually, I like to lay down some form of violet because it is nice and dark and the most fun to lay light values on top of. In this little piece, Bar of Soap, at right, I started with Cad Red Light and love the zippy quality the red gives it.


Susan McCullough said...

I like the zippy quality the red gives it too, Coni...

eldon warren said...

This piece (the apple) is another I'm liking. A small vivid statement of brush stroke and color.

Christine's Arts said...

Thanks for your tips on technique here. I see what you mean about diagonals. I think between the red underpainting and the diagonals on Bar Of Soap, it came out pretty dynamic as a composition.