Oh Canada!

Sport is huge in our house and the Olympics are a high point along with the Tour de Franc in July. You can be sure we are glued to as much TV coverage as is available. We watched every minute of the Olympic opening ceremonies and could not help feeling excitement and a little pride when the culture of Newfoundland, Canada was featured in the segment with all the beautiful leaves, dancing and fiddling. We lived in Newfoundland for a time when our kids were small and the mention of St. John's and George Street brought back happy memories.
We were outsiders -"come from away", as they say; - and foreigners, but they treated us like there own.
To our Canadian friends: all the best for your Olympic hopes.

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Sharon said...

I noticed one of the TV announcers called it New-FOUND-land instead of NEW-found-land. You would think they would do their research:).