A Day in Amalia- Brrrrrr

Three diehards from San Luis Valley all went down to Amalia, NM, a week or so ago:
Dave Montgomery, Sue McCullough and myself, on a field trip to visit Randy Pijoan who has his home and studio there. It is beautiful country just south of the Colorado border, north of Taos. We took a chance on a break in the weather - which paid off, but the morning was desperately cold - and how cold is that? Well, it was -5 when we drove out of my driveway and I know it must have been warmer by the time we got down there and set up
. . . . but, not much.
I think I hit my cold threshold; and I am giving up on those 'chewy' granola bars - they turn into little frozen crumbles. Sue did a little better and was still out and finishing up after I had gone to the car.
Go to her blog - she took it much more in stride and finished with a nice piece.The photo to the right shows my kit and my view and underneath is the finished
12"x 9" painting.
After about 2 hours of painting we all went up to Randy's studio to warm up, thaw out, and eat lunch. About that time the sky cleared off for a spectacular day, but the wind also picked up.
No winning here. What we got, we earned.

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