I'm Polishing My Saddle, Pulling Out The Cowboy Boots and Heading For Cheyenne

This Saturday March 6, the 29th Annual Western Spirit Show Opens in Cheyenne to all kinds of hoopla. Saturday's activities include an Artist Development Seminar to be held during the day and the evening opens with a miniature art exhibit and sale followed by a Quick Draw and live auction.
I won't be painting this time but that is my plein air piece - from last August in Cheyenne - which, by the way, just sold at the "Works of Love" show in Estes Park; but , I digress.
I was invited to be one of the speakers at the Artist Development Seminar and will be giving a presentation: "Marketing For the Individual Artist". A timely topic and one I enjoy because my first career life was spent in Advertising and Marketing.

So if you are within a hundred miles of Cheyenne this weekend
- Pony up!
The Western Spirit Show is going to be a great party.

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