Class Notes: Landscape in the Square

In class we have been enjoying the 6"x 6" square format and now are applying it to landscape. The same rules of good composition apply but we are now using them to address our own photo scrap, or in my case,
a sketch done in the landscape.

Remember the Rule of Thirds? It is a classic compositional idea that deals with both composition and placement - meaning,
it helps you organize the space and position subject matter so it is visually balanced.
The Rule of Thirds, means to divide the canvas into thirds, horizontally and vertically, and position major elements along those third lines.
In my sketch above, the major shapes almost split the space in half, which is the least interesting or desirable way to break up the space. Applying the Rule of Thirds, I can raise those major shapes or lower them. I chose to lower those shapes to create a deeper sky and a better division of the square.

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