A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Thursday the Painting class went up toward Conejos Canyon, to paint in Josie's neighborhood at Bear Creek. June is magical there; the Aspens are finally out and twinkling in the breeze, and deep stands of trees are lit like a fairy forest. I never tire of painting there. This shot shows my sketch sitting on the easel and my finished under painting.
Dave Montgomery joined us and was a great addition to our outing - not to mention his valuable insight at critique time. Thanks Dave. Click on the photo to get a bigger view of his piece.
Margaret Jones here, is intent at mixing and behind her is Dee Bartee. This area has enough material to keep us entertained for years; a pond, a river, waterfalls, tall pine forests, distant canyon walls and deep aspen forests. The only part I don't like about this place is leaving. Thanks Josie, for being such a great hostess.
Below is my piece - a view into the woods as the sun filtered through the tree tops.


Patrick Myers said...

This piece is stunning, one of your best.

Coni said...

Thanks Pat.
I can't seem to stay out of the woods.