Soward Ranch Paint Out

These are some snaps from the Plein Air Paint Out to support the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust. The flat mountiain on the left is Bristol Head early in the morning as we headed to the Soward Ranch from Santa Maria. The ranch is somewhere down past the clouds.
A beautiful morning but win-deeee. Here Dave Roepke looks pretty relaxed - don't believe it. Bristol Head is in the background.
Two hours later Sue McCullough wrapped up a fabulous piece of Bristol Head. This was not a day for the faint of heart. We would stand in 40 mph gusts and just hold the easel, with both hands, minutes at a time until the wind died down a bit.

Dave Montgomery
here, is living dangerously and about to do an impersonation of Mary Poppins with that umbrella.
I used to think WIND was a deal breaker but these 2 paint outs for the Land Trust have force me to paint in extreme wind situations I never though possible. Amazing what you can do when you have to.

These are my two pieces from the day, both 8x10. The morning sun just glowed across this pond toward the little cabin. As noon approached "weather" seemed to come at us from all directions and when the thunder started to roll we packed it in.
Some of the other artists involved were: Stephen Quiller, Karen Bonnie, and Charles Ewing. To learn more about the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust and why it is important - click this link.

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