Good Times in Creede, CO

Memorial Day Weekend in Creede was not only great fun but also smiled down with fabulous weather over a holiday notorious for cold, rain and
even snow.
Here are Cindy Cutts, Charlie Ewing, Steve Quiller, myself,
Sue McCullough and Rita Roberts, posing for the camera before the Sunday Quick Draw.
Beautiful weather in the High Country brought art lover-tourists to shop, eat, bid in the auction, and buy art in Creede.
The Quick Draw lasts an hour and is a little unconventional in that the artists do not paint from a "view" per se but from some form of reference material - usually a sketch, and everyone paints together under one tent so viewers can easily walk around and see them work; close proximity allows painters to converse, distract each other or, on occasion- throw a few elbows.
It was great fun and after the works were quickly framed and put on display the auction got rolling.
The bottom shot shows Steve Quiller introducing my painting -
a 10"x 8" piece done from a sketch I did at O'Haver Lake last Fall during the Colorado Mountain Plein Air Fest. I am happy to say that it sold to a couple from Littleton. They were happy too.

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