100 Miniatures - each at $100

The Holiday Miniature show, 100 for $100,  that opened this last weekend at the Tracy Miller Gallery in Manitou Springs was a big success- and a breath of fresh air.  People came from all over the Colorado Springs area and actually seemed more interested in the work than the food.  Many collectors came ready to buy art after losing everything in homes that burned in the Waldo Canyon fire this summer. Lots of art went out the door but there are still minis to be had. To purchase any of the pieces shown here simply contact the Tracy Miller Gallery at 719-650-0827.
Click on any of the photos to view the work larger.

These small pieces come framed and ready to make great gifts or treasures to enjoy for yourself. All are easy to ship and at $100. each - they are priced to move.

We had a great opening and I am very excited to be associated with this gallery and the other artists that it represents.
Check out the work of other contemporary artists such as Tracy Miller,  Laura Reilly and Deb Komitor.

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Coni said...

Thanks to everyone who purchased during this show- especially to those who bought a mini off the BLOG. - C