Van Gogh In Denver

This last weekend, I had a chance to take my daughter and go to Denver with some good friends to see "Becoming Van Gogh" - at the Denver Art Museum.  We literally wrestled this opportunity from the jaws of death as determination (and prepurchased tickets) propelled us out of the San Luis Valley during Friday's blizzard. Driving over the pass in winter is always daunting- add freezing temps and driving snow - well, let's just say- we were motivated.
And the Van Gogh show? - could not have been more worth it; well curated and thought out, enlightening, informative and joyful. The show focuses on the artist as he tenaciously hones his skill through 10 years of painting.  Unlike what we have been fed about Van Gogh's life as a quasi-psycho and his own victim, this show presents him as a smart, motivated and hard working artist. There were 70 works by Van Gogh, some relatively obscure and some familiar - set along side art created by his contemporaries and artists that influenced him, such as Pissarro and Seurat. This show will continue through January 20, 2013 and tickets must be pre-purchased online but if it has been something you have been considering don't waste time to GO.
Click on the link at the top of this post "Becoming Van Gogh" to read an article about how the show was put together;  It is an interesting look behind the scenes.

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