Class Notes: Dare to Draw

In this last class session of the year session we have focused our attention on drawing skills. It is appropriate, that after several months en plein air, a little drawing discipline might be in order. When painting outdoors we tend to focus on broader subjects such as over-all composition, or value. While struggling with distance and light in the landscape sometimes we play a little fast and loose with the what we see and aren't strict about rendering with accuracy. The demands of doing, even a simple still life set up is one of the best ways to stay sharp - or even improve.
I love to paint mechanical things- even though I may not always be successful, it is the most fun.  The bicycle required some close examination in order to draw/paint it so it appeared to actually work, as a bike.
The simple stack of books and goblet involved some hard LOOKING and an understanding of perspective in order to draw it correctly. Accuracy in the drawing is foundational to better painting; and anything that makes you look, and look and look again - will stretch and improve your drawing skills
- but then so will using a sketch book.

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