New Work at Earthwood Gallery in Estes Park

Thanks to Ron and Ann Wilcocks at Earthwood Gallery in Estes Park for hosting a Friday night opening on August 3rd for my self and another Colorado painter, Margaret Jensen.
I make a regular pilgrimage to Estes Park every August with new work, curated specifically for that gallery.
Margaret and I have both shown work in Estes Park for over 10 years and it is always fun to open wine,  put out the cheese cubes and mix it up with gallery visitors & buyers, old friends and other local painters - at an opening that specifically celebrates our work.

See the entire show at Earthwood Collections Gallery at 141 E. Elkhorn Ave. in Estes Park, Colorado.


Eldon said...

Wow! Wish I had known. We were up there about then. Your work is cool as ever.

laura reilly said...

Coni, I love these paintings, and also your description of the opening of your show - delightful!


Pleinview said...

Thanks Eldon and Laura- for talking a look. - Coni