Estes Park PLEIN AIR 2008. Friday, Day of Truth

Friday is the day we turn in our paintings; stressful but also a bit of a holiday. Most of the artists have, hopefully, finished and signed their paintings; then picked out 3 to enter in the competition. This is always a little hard; I think the better you are the harder it could be. Me,- I had my top 3 no problem. Rick gave me some good feed back and I also gave some opinions to what I thought were his top 3. These choices are subjective, of course but also very personal. I have to remember that my faves are rarely anyone else's.
After the rush to turn in work by noon, then we have an afternoon to do - NOTHING -Yay! Here I am with a drill pointing to my painting in the gallery window (top right). I can't explain the drill; it belongs to Eldon Warren who was using the gallery as his personal framing space. This is a dispensation given to the 'Big Guns"; no problem, He's earned it.

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Eldon said...

Hi Coni! Just looked at your blog. What a time we had huh? Now that I'm rested I'm looking forward to next year. Not so much a week ago. To bad it is a year away. Maybe we should'nt let a year pass before we pull out the canvas and paint together some place. Great work too of course. I really like the mosquito grove piece.
Keep smilin!!